Religious Mantras

A mantra is a group of syllables or words considered holy and have the power of creating ‘transformation’. Mantras are believed to be charged with vibration power, which can help in attainment of specific desires as well as general wellbeing. Therefore it is important to pronounce these mantras correctly and clearly. Continuous practice of mantras is known to purify the consciousness and the mind.

Mantras that originated as a part of the Vedic tradition in India follow the archaic written pattern of two line ‘shlokas’. Ever since, Sanskrit Mantras have been enchanted by saints and even common people for mental and physical strength. Over the time, these mantras became indispensable in Hindu tradition and rituals. Some of the most known Hindu religious mantras are Shanti Mantra, Gayatri Mantra and Vishnu Mantra. Mantras also find customary practice in Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. The most basic mantra is “Aum” or “Om”, which in Hinduism means the “Pranava mantra,” the source of all mantras.

Types of Religious Mantras

Mantras when chanted repeatedly is called japa. Japa is a key part of the Hindu prayer. When uttered with utmost concentration, japa empowers us with immense mental and physical strength. The negative karma of past lives gets effaced with the chanting (of the name of God). There are three types of Hindu religious mantras. They are:

Sabhri – this mantra empowers one with “siddhi” or mystic powers.

Tantra – this mantra gives amazing demonstrative powers at the mystic level.

Vedic mantra – these mantras are chanted to achieve eternal peace for the soul.

Major Religious Mantras of Hinduism

Guru Mantra – Anchoring within us is God, the Atma and the Supreme Self. Initiation with mantra from the guru covers most aspects of sadhana (spiritual cultivation). This mantra once given by a guru- the religious Master to his disciple, can erase fear within and diminish demonic influences. First chanting of the Guru Mantra marks initiation of the journey of an individual towards the Supreme Soul on the road to spirituality.

Gayatri Mantra - Sage Vishwamitra discovered the Gayatri Mantra, which is addressed to the energy of the Sun – Surya. It is addressed to the Immanent and Transcendent Divinity. Gayatri Mantra has infinite potentiality, as the Sun is it’s presiding Deity.

Gayantri Mantra is recited as:


Bija Mantra – Bija mantras or Beeja mantras represent the essence of the Guru Mantra. They are the vibrations, and represent the “call” of the soul. The word “Beej” means a seed and a seed mantra is generally of one syllable, it is also known as the root mantra. A seed letter is known as a Bija-akshara. The concept behind the Bija mantra is that, when a seed is sown it grows into a fruitful tree. In the same manner, the pronunciation of a Bija mantra produces powerful effects called Shakti. Its effects develop more profoundly in deep meditation. As it works at the astral level, Bija Mantra guides and influences the course of our destiny.


Bija Mantras Diety Name Advantage
Ham Agni Tatva Is used for getting the Siddhis and eliminating ailments. This mantra is used for activating the Akash Tatva [space element]. An activation of all the elements leads to an awakening of the Kundalini and makes all the supernatural powers accessible to the Sadhak.
Ram Agni Tatva It is related to that element which activates the Agni Tatva[fire element] which gets us Siddhis and eliminates all ailments. An activation of all the elements makes all the supernatural powers accessible to the Sadhak and leads to an awakening of the Kundalini.
Hleem Bagalamukhi It is mainly meant for protection from all enemies, fierce powers, realization of Goddess Bagalamukhi and attainment of victory and fame. It eliminates Tantra Badha and paves way for all round success. It also creates a strong base for Bagalamukhi Sadhna.
Bhram Bhairav This mantra is meant for success in Shakti Sadhna, protection, strength, wealth, health, fame, happiness, success in Shamshan Sadhna, elimination of enemies and all round success. This mantra enables one to realise Lord Bhairava and also creates a strong base for other Bhairav Sadhnas.
Hreem Bhuvaneshwari For getting everything but not limited to Kundalini Jagran. It is meant for realization of Goddesses Bhuvaneshwari. It is the best and the most powerful, also makes a strong base for all sadhnas.
Kreeng Chamunda Meant for realization of Goddess Chamunda, protection from tantra attacks and black magic, protects health, strength. Eliminates enemies also creates a strong base for Chamunda Sadhna.
Doom Durga It is meant for attainment of strength, power, protection, wealth, victory, health, knowledge and wisdom. It helps in realization of Goddess Durga. It eliminates enemies and creates a strong base for other Durga Sadhnas and Shakti Sadhnas.
Dhoom Dhoomavati Meant for realization of Goddess Dhoomavati, for attainment of fortune, strength, health, wealth and all round success. Helps in elimination of all adversaries. It also creates a strong base for Dhoomavati Mahavidya Sadhana.
Gam Ganesha Meant for realization of Lord Ganesha, attainment of wisdom, knowledge, fortune, protection, happiness, wealth, health, business luck and elimination of all obstacles and for all round success. It also creates a strong base for other Ganesha Sadhnas.
Fraum Hanuman It helps in attaining unlimited strength, power, wisdom, happiness and protection. It eliminates evil spirits and ghosts, brings in victory over enemies and all round success. It helps in realization of Lord Hanumana and also creates a strong base for other Hanuman Sadhnas.
Kaleem Kamraj Meant for realization of Lord Kamraj, enables to fulfill one’s desires and creates a strong base for other Kamraj Sadhnas.
Dhham Kuber Meant for realization of Lord Kuber, helps in massive monetory gain, business luck, wealth, good luck and all round success. It also creates a strong base for other Kuber Sadhnas.
Shreem Mahalaxmi For realization of Goddess Mahalaxmi, material gains, wealth, success in business or profession. Helps in elimination of ailments and worries, protection and all round success. It also creates a strong base for other Mahalaxmi Sadhnas.
Kreem Maa Kaali Meant for realization of Goddess Kali, attainment of strength, health, elimination of enemies, removal of black magic and Tantra attacks, has solution to grave problems and has ways for all round success. It also creates a strong base for Kali Sadhna.
Kshraum Narsimha It is meant for quick victory over enemies, eliminating enemies, for realization of Lord Narsimha, for all round success and fortune. It makes a strong base for other Narsimha Sadhanas.
Ksham Prithvi Tatva For activating the earth element [prithvi tatva] which enables us to get siddhis and eliminates the related ailments. This leads to a quicker activation of Kundalini and makes all supernatural powers accessible to the sadhak.
Aim Saraswati It is meant for gaining wisdom, knowledge, success in exams, pleasure and success in all fields and also for realization of Goddess Saraswati. It also creates strong base for other Saraswati Sadhanas.
Tam Shanti It helps in getting rid of worry, fear, disease, illusions and helps in attainment of peace of mind, peace in family, at work and helps in getting relaxation.
Horum Shiva Is meant for realization of Lord Shiva, protection from immortality, attainment of moksha, protection from deadly diseases. It creates a base for Mahamrityunjay Sadhna.
Treem Tara For realization of Goddess Tara, helps in gaining unlimited wealth, monitory gain, fame, happiness, fortune, all round success and victory. It also creates a strong base for Tara Sadhana.
Yam Vayu Tatva Meant for activating Vayu Tatva [air element] in us which helps us in getting siddhis and eliminates all the ailments related to this element. It leads to an activation of the Kundalini and makes all supernatural powers accessible to the Sadhak.
Dam Vishnu Meant for realizing Lord Vishnu, attainment of wealth, health, protection, happy married life, victory, happiness and all round success. The mantra also creates a strong base for other Vishnu Sadhanas.

Mantras are also an integral part of Buddhism. Buddhist mantras are syllables which represent the cosmic forces, aspects of Buddhas, or the name of Buddha. The mantra is repeated during meditation, and in Vajrayana Buddhism, this is accompanied with visualizations and different body postures.

Meditation Mantras

Meditation mantras or Mantra Yoga, a stage of yoga which requires chanting of various mantra, includes powerful mantras that bring calmness and tranquility to a persons heart, mind and soul. Chanting these powerful Sanskrit mantras keeps an individual away from the material world and allows to focus on the essentials of life. One can also achieve Samadhi chanting Mantra Yoga. They also have healing powers that help in relaxing the body and the mind, keeping one away from all distractions. Nowadays, one can avail free mantras, which can improve ones overall wellbeing and self awareness.

Healing Mantras

Mantras are power tools that are said to create thought energy waves. They have magical healing powers. It is said that reciting healing mantras as a part of a pooja or yajna is good for a new beginning. It helps to overcome the hurdles of life that come in the form of physical ailments and other circumstantial obstacles.